TAX PREPARATION.....Taxes can be a daunting & scary situation. Let us help you ease the stress & anxiety. We provide quality tax preparation for your current or previous year(s) return. It is our goal to fully maximize your refund to ensure that you receive all of the tax deductions that you're eligible for. We will do our due diligence to ensure that you are in ''right standings'' with with the IRS.
You will sleep better knowing that TaxLady II of Essex is on your side. 


We offer a unique financial plan for all of your financial needs. This product provides a wide range of coverage, from wealth management, financial advisory, estate  planning, retirement planning, life insurance, financial investment to financial portfolios. We are here to help you create that ''wall of security" for you today..

Legal Services

We have a great comprehensive legal plan available for individuals, families & small businesses. The services includes unlimited access to a law firm, contract & documents review, letters or phone calls made on your behalf, bankruptcy. divorce issues , unlimited consultation, traffic tickets, 24/7 emergencies & so much more. The legal plans covers you nationwide. Get your protection today.


We have partnered with the best identity theft company in North America. Kroll Inc. is the most reputable protection service around. Kroll will fully re-instate your status to it's orginal standing. They also provide 24/7 monitoring for you and your family. Get the protection  that you deserve....


When was the last time that you updated your Will? We will educate & empower you on the importance of having a will for you & your family.Inquire today for a  ''FREE WILL''..